FIX (Financial Information exchange) protocol is used by many professional traders providing them with real-time communication between client, trader, investment fund or broker and liquidity provider. The API gives clients complete control over data which is sent and received without needing intermediary software.

Why Use a FIX API?

When utilising FIX API, you are getting a high-speed connection directly with trading servers. You don’t have to go through third party programs such as MetaTrader 4. Generally, traders will see latency as low as 1 millisecond.

Flexibility of FIX

A client may choose FIX API over other financial platforms and interfaces because other programs have limited functionality. There are also limitations from existing interfaces such as the need for two or more ticks to fill an order. This creates many problems for traders who are working with high-frequency strategies and need the fastest trades possible.


Global Prime FX offers FIX API connectivity to connect traders and systems to our liquidity. By using the FIX protocol, you can customize your trading experience to suit your specific trading strategy.

  • Minimum deposit of USD $10,000
  • Monthly 500USD fee for FIX API Connector if trading volume is less than 20m
  • For monthly trading volumes greater than 20m fees will be waived

To find out more about a FIX API email or contact us via chat for more information.

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